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You may not reserve a seat in a preferred date depending on the reservation(weekend,GW,etc).

We kindly ask for your understanding.

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 * Check-in Month Day ※You need reserve a seat in Reserve form by 2 days ago.
However,you need reserve the Nakasu gate's store by 3 days ago.
 * Arrival time Hour Minute (Ex.If you will come to our stores on July 7 at “24:00”,you must choose “July 8 at 0am”.)
 * No. of Guests people
 * Type of seat ※On Darts…only in GIGA Fukudai-mae tore ※On High-spec PC(private room)…any stores except GIGA Hiroshima-ekimae store ※On Group Karaoke room…GIGA Hirosima-ekimae store,Fukuyama-honten store,GIGA Fukudai-mae store.
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Before making reservations,be sure to check all the contents of information.

Contents of information

※If you come to our store for the first time,you need make the admission procedure. At this time,you need us to see your photo ID.

※You can't reserve for “The Basic Charge Plan”. (you can reserve:Seat…for more 3 hours, Karaoke room…for more than 2 hours.)

※You may not be able to reserve on a long vacation (e.g. GW,Obon vacation,SW,and the year-end), depending on the store.

※Because children under 18 can't access our stores after 10 pm,they can't check in it for “Night Package Plan”.

※If you will be 20 minutes behind schedule,we will cancel your reservation.

※You can check in our stores on the day.

※I can't reserve “1 WEEK Package Plan ”and“3 DAYS Package Plan.”

※Because there is a limit to the number of reservations,you may not reserve a seat in a preferred date depending on the reservation.(In this case,We send you an e-mail of rejection.)

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